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North Carolina Agriculture in the Classroom

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Ice Cream Man: How Augustus Jackson Made a Sweet Treat Better

Black ice cream vendor Augustus Jackson (1808-1852) began his life in Philadelphia, where slavery was outlawed. After cooking regularly for his family, Augustus decided at age 12 to support them further, using his kitchen know-how to find work. He applied and was hired at the White House, and by 17 he'd earned the title of cook and developed a particular expertise—making ice cream for White House guests. One day, he developed a new dream—making ice cream that all could enjoy—and opened an ice cream parlor in his hometown. By adding rock salt to the ice that froze the confection, he started conjuring ice cream in half the time, a change that allowed him to sell the product "near and far." Augustus's dream had come true, and better yet, he had brought smiles to many faces.

Glenda Armand & Kim Freeman
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